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The Books

The Ten Tears Chronicles
The Dark Levy - Book 1

In this epic dark fantasy adventure story, Shannon and Dana visit their wise, old grandmother in Wales, and finally learn why their lives have been strangely tormented and cursed. There is a family secret, old as time itself, and that secret might kill them if they try to ignore their destiny. They also learn that there is a dangerous way to embrace that secret, because on that day, a harrowing creature of an alien world calls out for the few and the special, talented humans of the Tenth world. Our world. 

Dana performs an irreversible murderous deed that opens the gate to the Jewel of the Nine, the world of Aldheim, and they meet the strange creature calling for them.

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Eye of Hel - Book 2

In this epic dark fantasy action story, we again follow the two sisters of Earth, Shannon and Dana, and their magical friends the Ten Tears, as they struggle to find safety in the world of Aldheim, the home of elves. 

After grueling two years of slavery under the dread Gorgon Euryale, Shannon has led her friends on a magical escape from Gray Downs, the haunt of the Devourer. Suffering losses during the escape, they hope for better times.

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Throne of Scars - Book 3

Goddess Hel’s terrible curse spreads rampantly across the Nine Worlds, and only the Gjallarhorn, the horn to open the closed gates, provides some hope of restoring what was lost.

In war torn Aldheim, Shannon’s victory in the White Court has been a temporary thing. Euryale might be dead, but Shannon and her friends are besieged in Himingborg by the elves, who finally have a common enemy in Shannon. Mad goddess Hel’s demands on Shannon to punish Aldheim, makes the situation even more grim for both the besieged, and the besiegers.

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The Horn's Fate - Book 4

Goddess Nött ended Shannon's reign over the realm of Scardark, and thus, also thwarted the plans of the mad goddess of the dead, Hel. Nött, the wicked goddess of the night and a lover of desperate wagers, set Dana, the least likely of the Ten Tears to be trusted, on a hidden path for Midgard with the mighty Horn of Heimdall, Gjallarhorn, the key to the closed gates. 

Dana, having previously failed to guard her sister, and having foully betrayed her companions, must now find a way to unite what remains of the Ten Tears. On this almost hopeless mission to Midgard, the land of the men, Dana leads a volatile dragon, bitter Anja, and a dubious assassin Gutty to find the whereabouts of a long-lost First-Born. Should she succeed, she must also convince such a being to agree to restore Odin to his worlds.

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Thief of Midgard
The Beast of the North - Book 1

In this medieval dark fantasy action novel we follow thieves Maskan and Sand in their quest to survive the wrath of a king. The Nine Worlds have been sundered from each other and the gods during the goddess Hel’s War thousands of years ago, but in the land of Midgard the years have passed relatively peacefully.

For Red Midgard, times are changing, however. The harsh, freedom-loving northern land faces the animosity of the mighty High King, but also a threat of war with its few allies, as King Morag is rumored to look for any reason to go to war with his allies. Maskan and Sand, thieves of Dagnar, discover a web of conspiracies to topple the king before it is too late, and soon, they have a good reason to tie their fates with those who would fight the king.

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Queen of the Draugr - Book 2

This is book two in the Norse mythology influenced, fast paced fantasy adventure set in the land of Midgard.

Maskan has survived the betrayal of those he thought he loved. The shock of his true heritage and relation to those he thought he hated has left him a changed person.


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Sons of Ymir - Book 3

Maskan, newly made the King of Red Midgard, has survived the battles, but is about to lose the war.

Having escaped Balic's subtler schemes, and finally having beaten the southern armies in two great battles, Maskan leads the remnants of his people to save the betrayed troops of Red Midgard against the great numbers of Balic's remaining legions, and the dark, terrifying power of the undead, the draugr. Beating the enemy in a field of battle is not enough. Balic has a mission beyond conquest of the northern lands, and that mission will spell doom for anyone opposing Goddess Hel, for Balic seeks the ultimate, hidden, forgotten weapon that no mortal can defeat; the Queen of the Draugr. Maskan's time is running out. His allies are few, and the enemy holds most of the advantages.

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Chronicles of the Cursed Blood
The Horn King - Book 3

An assassin with a grudge against elves is forced by his guild to go on a mission for one. As an atonement for a past failure, Gutty reluctantly agrees, and but is soon intrigued, despite himself. The elven lady is on a desperate mission to save her family, and offers Gutty what he has always coveted.

The tale of his past.

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