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Bane of Gods - Book 5 of the Hraban Chronicles

Treading a precarious path as a killer for a deadly lady in Rome, Hraban risks his life, and that of his friends to regain his family.

His lot is that of a spy, and a killer, as his band of Germani Custodes Corporis seeks clues to guard the life of Tiberius, who is an exile in Rhodes. If they succeed, his family will be released, and Rome will change for good.

Yet, long years of treading paths of servitude have left Hraban tired of being the victim to the mighty. Knowing full well no word of his wicked mistress can be trusted, Hraban finally takes route that is of his own making. The terror and deceit he intends to deal to his enemies is cleverly planned, but such a path will finally push Hraban away from his pursuit of fame, off the quest of clearing his name, and perhaps far from his hope to gain revenge on the killer of his family and Drusus. He might be left with power enough to choose his own destiny, should he survive, and succeed.

Will Hraban’s desperate plan give him what he most yearns for, or will it indeed cost him his life, his honor, his friends, and indeed, even the family he hopes to protect?

The Bane of Gods is book number five in the continuing saga of the Hraban Chronicles, and will take place from Rome to Armenia, and from the limes of Illyricum to the depths of Germania, where Varus meets his fate.

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