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Alaric has been a gamer since he was ten. He loves strategy, action, and role-playing games both in PC and mobile environments, and understands the game creation process and game economics for both paid and ftp-games.

As an author of several bestselling, thrilling books and movies, a former game-creation process designer and as a digital professional very familiar with large-scale, global software-projects, he can navigate to the place where you get exactly what you need and your developers and game design will not be left unhappy.

He can create: 

  • a world crafting document that describes unique locations and history of conflicts

  • compelling characters and flowing dialogue

  • a monster manual for any genre

  • any sized story and plots, even mysteries

  • a re-balancing of dialogue at any stage


And to boot, he is fast.

Outsourcing these parts to a professional story-crafter who knows how to work in early game creation environment with game design is well worth the effort. You will design your games by benchmarking successful games while aiming to find something new, but with a story-crating professional, your game will have truly unique setting and story, and that special something that others will benchmark.

Hope to hear from you.

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