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The Bear Banner - Book 2 of the Goth Chronicles

Maroboodus lost Saxa. Hulderic, his father lost their lands and abandoned his weak-willed brother to fight their loss-maddened uncle alone. The Boat Lord, their powerful relative was after their heads, and the Draupnir’s Spawn, their famous family ring is still what the man wants, having lost it decades past. 

They were fugitives with their former foes, the Saxons. And the Saxons had problems of their own, and the Goths would be the solution for some of them.

Hulderic’s and Maroboodus’s problems of trust, avoiding and defeating the foes who pursue them, and finding their uncertain path forward would only be solved if Maroboodus learns to control the Bear in himself, the destructive part of his warrior’s soul, and to work under his father’s banner.

And yet, Maroboodus has his own goals, as he hopes to raise the Bear Banner to carve his own kingdom in the north, and his father is not part of those plans.

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