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The Winter Sword - Book 3 of the Hraban Chronicles

Hraban’s dice are cast.

He has chosen to serve Nero Claudius Drusus, the mighty Roman general and the stepson of the princeps of Rome; Augustus. He has abandoned his hope of ever finding fame and home with the Marcomanni and has turned his back on Armin the Cherusci, who offered him a place amongst the foes of Rome and Maroboodus, Hraban’s traitorous father.

Yet, the fate of Drusus is not to idle in Gaul, but to take the war to Armin and the Cherusci, and Hraban follows him to war, serving the great lord in his drive to slay Armin and to pacify lands east of Rhenus River. In the land of the Cherusci, Hraban will uncover dangerous plots against Drusus, he will seek his lost daughter Lif and he shall prepare to end all his grudges as the tumultuous events inevitably lead to a summer of war.

Will Hraban’s Winter Sword deal with Maroboodus, his father, Odo, the vitka of Lok and the many men who would thwart him from his vengeance and destiny?

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