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The Wolf- Book 3 of the Goth Chronicles

Maroboodus is riding south. 

His father Hulderic leads a dogged pursuit to punish his wayward son. Hulderic must capture Maroboodus, the boy he thinks as trustworthy as a wolf, and then he must decide the fate of his own son. Maroboodus is not about to let that happen. Holding Drapunir's Spawn, the ancient family ring, and the Head Taker, the equally illustrious sword, supported by his sole companion, and having captured one of his foes, Maroboodus must contemplate on his oaths. After the death of Saxa, he has bled the north.

Only Maino, his cousin remains alive of his enemies.

And his father protects the man. 

Travelling through odd lands, up the rivers for the south, Maroboodus still hopes to make good of his oath, and also to avoid his father's men. Hatching plans, to the dismay of his friend, he seeks to find a land of his own, to become strong and influential enough to keep his enemies out, and to find determined men to slay those who would thwart him, and those he hates. Stumbling into the conflicts of the Hermanduri, the Scythians, and their intended victims the Chatti and the Quadi, Maroboodus sees an opportunity to do all of this. Making oaths to a Hermanduri chief Hermann, he joins in a desperate gamble to claim the lands for his new lord, but to his dismay, there is a party of men working against all of them. 

There are Roman traders, and their henchmen, who have goals of their own, and power to see them through.

In the end, Maroboodus must come to terms with his oaths, his father, and past. In order to redeem himself, and to spare the lives of those he still hold dear, he must learn patience.

And yet, the call of the wolf is strong.

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