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Queen of the Draugr -​ Book 2 in Thief of Midgard

This is book two in the Norse mythology influenced, fast paced fantasy adventure set in the land of Midgard.

Maskan has survived the betrayal of those he thought he loved. The shock of his true heritage and relation to those he thought he hated has left him a changed person.


The former thief, a scoundrel of Dagnar successfully led the betrayed people of Red Midgard against the invading legions of Balic, the High King. He discovered secrets of the past, part of the hidden schemes of Goddess Hel’s minions, and now, as the king apparent of the torn nation, he must lead what remains in a near hopeless fight against the evil Draugr, powerful Hammer Legions of Balic, and those allies, who would betray the whole Midgard by greed and distrust.

Will Maskan navigate a path through his own weaknesses, find a way to appease the cold, ruthless demi-goddess Baduhanna, survive High King Balic’s renewed assault, and unravel the mystery of the Queen of the Draugr, a secret, that seems to be the key to narrow victory or utter loss.

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