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The Snake Catcher - Book 4 of the Hraban Chronicles

Hraban is riding for Rome.

Having lost Drusus to the schemes of a highborn noble in Rome, Hraban and his friends follow Tiberius, and join the Germani Corporis Custodes, the illustrious Germani guard of Augustus. Their mission is not only to guard the lives of the family of the Princeps, but also to uncover who is trying to kill the sons and grandchildren of Livia, wife of Augustus. 

Drusus is already dead. Will Tiberius be next? Is Julia, the daughter of Augustus to blame, as everyone believes?

Navigating the intrigues of Rome is not easy, and Hraban’s newly found honor is sorely tested by the schemes of the nobles, paid murdering gladiators on the prowl, and the confusion Hraban must face as he plunges into the shadowy work of a Sword of Tiberius and tries to catch the snake that threatens the family. The truth can only be found in the war-torn Jerusalem, when Hraban has nothing to lose. 

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