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Announcing an ongoing bookish competition!

Greetings to you, readers. I am Alaric Longward and a writer of historical adventure and fantasy stories and do I have an opportunity for you. Connecting with readers is a thing to make an author warm and fuzzy with giddiness and getting reviews usually the other.


So I wish to combine the two (hopefully) joyous events.

Beginning March 2015 and running through to December 20th, 2015, we will have a monthly competition. Anyone who has posted a verified, HONEST review for any of my books during that month will take part in a monthly competition that will reward the winner with:


a 20 dollar Amazon Gift Card.


The winner will be picked in a monthly lottery, taking place at the last day at midnight (GMT +2). If you have posted a review during that month in or site you are eligible. Make sure to take advantage of the promos that might be running for the books during that month. You will see them in my blog, at the homepage of


The competition begins NOW.


But that is not all.

In addition, I'll be making an extra lottery taking place at midnight June 30th (GMT +2) and also at midnight 20th December (GMT +2), and so anyone having posted a verified review from 1st of  February 2015 onwards will have a chance to win:


an Amazon Gift Card worth 100 dollars.


That is 2*a chance for the big one, and quite a few for the monthlies. Great, no? I will have five books out momentarily, and I will try to gear out more constantly, so my productivity is the only thing hampering you.

The monthly and the June/December winners will be announced at and also in our newsletter, so be sure to sign up for it at the landing page and find the instructions to receive your prize.


Good luck! A word of warning, though. The books are "slightly" violent at times, there will be unpleasant people involved and the lot are quite furious adventures.


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