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So, I am back.

Basically, we have been busy with movies and games this past year. While exciting, it is also time to start paying attention to my written stories. Mainly because they are also your stories. I have let my readers down, at least partly. I have several unfinished series, and many new ones to tell. Family, work, new winds, personal exhaustion, life...these things take one far sometimes, and you easily forget yourself as you try to discover what you wish to do when you grow up. Let's just say I came back home, and will keep writing in many genres.

This past year has not been an idle one on the book front. I wrote some ten new tales, all new ones.

Also, I read my own stories this past year.

I have come to the conclusion that I must tweak the stories, re-edit the lot, and to republish most all. For now, the books are online, but stay tuned for freshly re-branded, re-edited, and fixed content. They will be free for a time to grab them in their new, shiny formats.

Some of the stuff that will start coming up:

1. I will have an update here on daily basis on what I have been doing that day, just to keep people up to date. I will re-edit each book.

2. I shall rewrite Germanic tales to make them more coherent and with more focus. The atrocious editing issues will be dealt with.

3. The Nine Worlds shall get a whole new chapter, Hel's War, where Hagar the Ghoul has a bloody adventure during Hel's War. The Ten Tears and the Beast series will be fixed into one series and fixed. The Horn King will get that third book.

4. Jeanette will get some love. There will be another series that ties into hers, an American rogue that shall ride for Napoleon, and their relationship shall be complicated.

5. Konrad the Cursed knight will ride forth and enter the world of Templars as he seeks his vengeance.

6. My mystery series will get a reboot. Publius Decimus shall have a long adventure in Caesar's service solving murders in the most delicate of situations. Gaius is Dead will be reworked into something less toxic.

7. There are new stories. We shall have Ubba the Black Dane adventuring in the Viking Era North, there shall be Major Tor Danilos seeking to save the Crimson Sector in my first Sci-Fi story, and an exciting adventure called the Deidre Effect in a dystopian Sci-Fi setting.

8. As we are fixing the tales and applying a new edit on each, we shall also fix the paperbacks and the audio books. Most of these books will be new, and quite different.

9. We shall be seeking a dedicated group of hundred readers that will give feedback on unfinished stories. The rewards are going to be great :)

10. We'll launch an app. Maybe.

Lots on the plate, and from now on, will keep you updated.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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5th of Feb, 2020

1: Edited two chapters of Adalwulf 2: Edited two chapters of the Horn King 3: 3500 words written on Hel's War 4: 4932 words written on Titan One


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