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The Hraban Chronicles is a seven-book series that follows the story of Hraban, son of Maroboodus, as he struggles to bring the killer of his family to justice, and to find his lost honor amid his own people.

The Oath Breaker - Book 1 of the Hraban Chronicles

Bestselling historical fiction 

“Right up there with Colleen McCullough's First Man of Rome Series.” – Amazon review 

”I’m giving this book five stars, because that is all I can. If it were in my discretion, I would add the thinnest sliver of a new moon.” – Amazon review 

For years, Hraban has yearned to know his father, Maroboodus, who is serving Augustus in Rome. Years pass slowly in Germania, near the Roman border, and while he is being taught the lessons of manhood by his grandfather, Hulderic, he and his friends are dreaming of shield and of spear, of fame, and of their glorious future. Yet, the Three Spinners laugh at the plans of the young, as Maroboodus finally returns home, and with him, comes Roman malice, a war that leaves Hraban’s mother and grandfather dead, and Maroboodus the savior of the village. Not a welcome guest in the Marcomanni tribes, Maroboodus sets up plans that are ill-suited for the honorable Germani like Hraban, and not soon after, Hraban must decide between honor and his family, as the Marcomanni settle the issue of who shall lead them in a war with Rome, that is already brewing far in the north.

Perfect for those who love the stories of Bernard Cornwell, Colleen McCullough, Simon Scarrow, and Griff Hosker, the Hraban Chronicles will take you on an incredible and authentic road through the ancient Roman Empire and into the secretive court of Augustus and Tiberius. We will be following Hraban’s relentless pursuit for the truth behind the deaths of his family, and for the causes of his misfortune. 

The book contains graphic violence, and is not suited for a reader seeking a fast read.

The Oath Breaker is the first book in a new series of historical novels set in the dark lands east of Rhenus and fabulous, ancient Rome. 


Raven's Wyrd​ - Book 2 of the Hraban Chronicles

Hraban the Marcomanni has been cast out of his tribe by his treacherous father Maroboodus. He has lost his tribe, his mother and both grandfathers, and his fame and honor with the ones he loved. He has been lied to, he has been used to further his father’s plots and in the end discarded, and his lot was to linger in slavery to Odo, a priest to Lok until he would die, having fulfilled the needs of a deadly prophecy.

However, he refused to die. 

Instead, he escaped Odo and the Roman ally king, Vago the Vangione, and took the head of his mother’s slayer. Now, he will go home. He will go home to burn his father’s hall for revenge, and to erase the blot on his fame, the title of the Oath Breaker, by deeds of bravery and spears. He has much to pay back for, his friends to rescue and his fame to regain. 

Yet, his allies are few and none come without a price. In the end, Hraban will find the road to regaining his fame is twisted and tricky, and what he will find might be entirely different from what he set out to gain.


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