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The Books

The Hraban Chronicles
The Oath Breaker - Book 1

Hraban the Marcomanni has never met his father Maroboodus, exiled in far-away Rome, but this is about to change. 

In the age of early Roman empire, Augustus is creating his legacy with gladius as the legions begin the arduous work of subjecting the troublesome and divided Germani tribes.

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Raven's Wyrd - Book 2

Hraban the Marcomanni has been cast out of his tribe by his treacherous father Maroboodus. He has lost his tribe, his mother and both grandfathers, and his fame and honor with the ones he loved. He has been lied to, he has been used to further his father’s plots and in the end discarded, and his lot was to linger in slavery to Odo, a priest to Lok until he would die, having fulfilled the needs of a deadly prophecy.

However, he refused to die. 

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The Winter Sword - Book 3

Hraban’s dice are cast.

He has chosen to serve Nero Claudius Drusus, the mighty Roman general and the stepson of the princeps of Rome; Augustus. He has abandoned his hope of ever finding fame and home with the Marcomanni and has turned his back on Armin the Cherusci, who offered him a place amongst the foes of Rome and Maroboodus, Hraban’s traitorous father.

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The Snake Catcher - Book 4

Hraban is riding for Rome.

Having lost Drusus to the schemes of a highborn noble in Rome, Hraban and his friends follow Tiberius, and join the Germani Corporis Custodes, the illustrious Germani guard of Augustus. Their mission is not only to guard the lives of the family of the Princeps, but also to uncover who is trying to kill the sons and grandchildren of Livia, wife of Augustus. 

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Bane of Gods - Book 5

Treading a precarious path as a killer for a deadly lady in Rome, Hraban risks his life, and that of his friends to regain his family.

His lot is that of a spy, and a killer, as his band of Germani Custodes Corporis seeks clues to guard the life of Tiberius, who is an exile in Rhodes. If they succeed, his family will be released, and Rome will change for good.

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The Germani Tales
Adalwulf - The Two Swords

A young Chatti by the name of Adalwulf rides his stolen horse to the lands of the Marcomanni, hoping to find a ring-giver and a new life. What he finds instead is a mysterious priestess looking for him, his innate ability to fight like a demi-god, and plenty of trouble.

In the era of Augustus, the borders of River Rhenus are waiting for a change.

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The Goth Chronicles
Maroboodus - Book 1

During the era of Augustus, there is a wild, untamed land far in the north, where no Roman sandal has yet trodden, and there Maroboodus, the son and adeling of a Goth lord Hulderic simmers with rage over the many injustices their family has to endure. 

Maroboodus is not alone in his malcontent. Competition for survival and glory is a brutal, daily struggle. 

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The Bear Banner - Book 2

Maroboodus lost Saxa. Hulderic, his father lost their lands and abandoned his weak-willed brother to fight their loss-maddened uncle alone. The Boat Lord, their powerful relative was after their heads, and the Draupnir’s Spawn, their famous family ring is still what the man wants, having lost it decades past. 

They were fugitives with their former foes, the Saxons. And the Saxons had problems of their own, and the Goths would be the solution for some of them.

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The Wolf - Book 3

Maroboodus is riding south. 

His father Hulderic leads a dogged pursuit to punish his wayward son. Hulderic must capture Maroboodus, the boy he thinks as trustworthy as a wolf, and then he must decide the fate of his own son. Maroboodus is not about to let that happen. Holding Drapunir's Spawn, the ancient family ring, and the Head Taker, the equally illustrious sword, supported by his sole companion, and having captured one of his foes, Maroboodus must contemplate on his oaths. After the death of Saxa, he has bled the north.

Only Maino, his cousin remains alive of his enemies.

And his father protects the man. 

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The Chronicles of the Coin
The Wolf and the Lion - Book 1

In 1283, a great war is brewing in Germany over the succession of the Duchy of Limburg. The Luxembourgs and the Brabants are locked in a power-struggle in an era when the German Dukes and Counts settled their scores in a battlefield, and any family might grasp the crown of Germany. Konrad, a minor knight in the service of the Luxembourgs loses his wife to a mysterious killer. Despairing, he commits his sword to war, and soul to the devil. Working for Adolf of Berg, the killer and Konrad are locked in a game for the devil, and their struggle might even determine which great house wins the war. Setting his men against mighty Adolf of Berg and his sinister servants, Konrad must choose between the devil’s favor and the love of a virtuous woman. 

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The Soldier and the Spy Chronicles
Jeanette's Sword - Book 1

This is a Napoleonic Wars historical fiction story of a brave woman and her friends and lovers, and treachery and danger greet us at every turn as Jeanette tries to fight against the many enemies who would silence her.

During the era of Revolutionary France, Jeanette and her mother are caught in a trap. After they survive the harsh situation, they have little choice but to enter the murky world of low men who would rule France.

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Jeanette's Love - Book 2

It is 1798, and Europe is taking a breath after the War of the First Coalition. 

For Jeanette, this is the time for happiness. She is a cantiniére of the French 5th Company of the 4th Light Demi-Brigade, and a soldier, finally free of the filth of the revolutionary Paris and her past. By extorting the scheming Director Paul Barras of the French Republic, she is also free of her treacherous cousin Gilbert Baxa, the servant of the Directory. She has a home in the army and she is in love with colonel Henri d’Montepello. 

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